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This is our purpose: to release yours.

Vision clarification

Discover your unique calling and name it.

Don't be "just like Jesus." What does it look like for Jesus to be authentically living as you, to be the almighty, holy, passionate Savior and King of the universe living in your life, right now, today? Not the me I pretend to be, or want to be, or that others expect me to be, but the me God created me to be?

We must know the answer to those questions. You need us to know these answers for ourselves, and we need you to know these answers for yourself. The status quo is no longer tolerable!

Covenant Consulting is the first certified provider in Oklahoma of Younique, the best integrated system for Gospel-centered life design. This journey is not a way to "discover your purpose in 15 minutes" or a book of information with no transformation. Instead, Younique is a life-planning process developed over 10 years and tested with over 1,000 people from all walks of life to provide real breakthrough. You will be able to actually name what God put you on earth to do and take actions to live into it.
  • Your special assignment from God is both knowable and nameable.

The full Younique journey consists of two, 12-week journeys (clarifying your call, and activating your call), followed by another 90-day implementation follow-up. You can experience Younique through
  • in-person or online cohorts,
  • in a classroom setting, or
  • through your local church. 

Please contact us to let us know what we can set up for you. Your life, relationships, service to others (ministry), and vocation will never be the same.

Journey 1 (12 Sessions clarifying your call)

Session 1 - The Nature of True Freedom, Clarity Spiral - 4 Imperatives, The Funnel Story
Session 2 - Finding My Sweet Spot, Passion Circle Overview, Hinge Moments, Life Discovery Grid
Session 3 - The Three Life Drifts
Session 4 - Passion Funnel, Offenders, Passion 360, Ultimate Contribution
Session 5 - The Power of a Name, Ability Circle Overview
Session 6 - Insights Behavioral Preference
Session 7 - StrengthsFinder, APEST, Sense of Accomplishment, Ability 360
Session 8 - Living from LifeCall and LifeCore, LifeCore Funnel
Session 9 - Personal Vision Frame
Session 10 - Context Circle Overview, Live Sent Tool, Activator and Advantage Identification, Workplace Motivators Selection, Work Style Selection, Organizational Preferences Selection, Life Stage Identification, Naming Your Sweet Spot, Two Word Sweet Spot
Session 11 - Six Word Challenge, 12 Word Challenge
Session 12 - Journey 1 Celebration

Journey 2, Activating Your Call (12 Sessions)

Session 1 - Living the Dream, Life Domains Assessment
Session 2 - Life Domains Assessment Reporting
Session 3 - Personal Vision Frame: LifeScore
Session 4 - Psalms Spirituality: A Biblical Approach to Life Assessment
Session 5 - Bucket List
Session 6 - Personal Vision Frame: LifeSteps, Role Mapping
Session 7 - Trading Up, The Five Capitals, Gold Bars
Session 8 - Replenishment Rhythms
Session 9 - Tombstone Tweet, Horizon Storyline: Beyond the Horizon & Background Horizon
Session 10 - Horizon Storyline: Midground & Foreground
Session 11 - My LifePlan
Session 12 - 90-Day Launch

90-Day Follow-up (6 Sessions)

Session 1 - Life-Making Cycle, Weekly Reflection Guide
Session 2 - Five Stages of Transformation
Session 3 - Vocational Positioning System
Session 4 - Risk to Go Decision Matrix, Vocational Decision Distiller, Value to Show
Session 5 - Clarity Committee, Hear and Act
Session 6 - Thank You, Quarterly Planning Guide, Yearly Retreating Guide
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There comes a time when we cannot maximize the lives God has designed for us with only a general sense of where we're going. The simple fact is that most life planning products don't work. And none are gospel based from the ground up. That's why we say that Younique is:
  • Breakthrough built,
  • Gospel-grounded,
  • and vocationally targeted.

Many consider this holistic, Spirit-directed life planning process as "advanced discipleship." But we consider this conversation with God to be a foundation laid upon the Cornerstone for enlistment into the resurrected life Jesus has saved you into. Our dream is for every follower of Jesus to name their special calling, for that lever to be connected to reality, and to live it in community for the salvation of our communities and the renewal of America's institutions.

In times past, many could live fruitful lives without intentional effort and mentoring to discern one's special calling. But the multiplicity of vocational options and the breakdown of natural mentoring relationships means the clarity gap in our culture has real life and death implications for most followers of Jesus (and especially for those God has designed us to serve with the power of the Gospel lived in real life).

Together we will intentionally imagine and hear God's voice to know where He is taking you and prioritizing singular goals and rhythms to get there. Deep reflection and real conversation lead to meaningful new action.
(Eph. 2:10)
"We are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do."
Because we have been saved, we are not just freed from sin, we are saved for living a life of good work.

God has a dream. And he has prepared specific good works for each person in that dream.
(Gen. 2:19)
"God brought [every animal] to the man to see what he would name them; and whatever the man called each living creature, that was its name."
Yes, God has a plan, but part of that plan is you being actively involved in this design work of planning and being.

It is truly amazing when people take a little time to reflect on how much creativity, autonomy, and intentionality we can contribute, with God as the author of our story.
(Prov. 19:21)
"Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails."
A design only exists within a set of constraints. You cannot design without understanding how God is working in the past and the present.

The Holy Spirit indwells as a design constraint in your life who makes beauty.
Life design is stewardship of our one and only life.
"For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul?"
What is debt freedom without personal calling? What is freedom from addiction without knowing what you’re free for?

What good comes from money in the bank if you don’t know how your calling drives the stewardship of that money?
"Go and [train] disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit."
The church in N. America, by and large, has lost its value proposition to the average believer. The functional mission of the church in N. America is going to all the world and make worship attenders, baptizing them in the name of small groups, and teaching and volunteer a few hours a month. Part of what the local church must do is move from being teaching centers to becoming training centers.
Younique takes care of the business side of drilling deep, gathering data points, and putting them together systematically - with others .

This will be the ultimate package in purpose discovery rolled into one, leading into celebration of who God made you to be and leading to commitment to your next season.

God made you to be unique. God has given you a special assignment. Why spend another day, week, or year of your life without knowing and understanding God in you?
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Cancellations Require Clarity!

Because of mandatory and voluntary shutdowns worldwide, Younique has temporarily made some of their online courses available for free until March 27. You and anyone you know can gain some major insights from these integrated tools guided by video. When you create an account and 'purchase' the Journey 1 class bundle, you own access to it forever. This content does not replace the full Journey 1 cohort coaching experience, but you will receive much clarity in the meantime while you're preparing for the world to enter into a new normal. Know how to invest in your immediate future with a framework for clarity.

Register Free Course Bundle

Step 1

Before March 27, you much 'purchase' the Journey 1 online course bundle at Once finished, you will own access to the courses and can complete them at your own pace.

Register Free Tuesday Clarity Calls

Step 2

Complete the form below to let us know your interest to talk with Jared Buswell and others who join about your journey. The video conference link will be provided only to those who register here. Calls are free to come and go as you please, starting March 31 and throughout April.

Seek God and Design Your Life

Step 3

You have online classes, 5 free opportunities to talk with Jared, and maybe some extra time from the global cancellations. What will you do next?

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Additional Services:

What's In Hand
C.C. helps you see what's in your hands now, vs. what needs to be.
Seasons and Stages
CC helps you navigate your vision's 7 natural stages and God-ordained seasons from hustle to rest.
The Next Stage
CC helps identify the people and resources you need next, not later.
Learn the 7 stages of vision fulfillment and
find help for overcoming current obstacles.
We're here to help you see how God
is building and identify next steps.
Finish the vision
Supplies are Ready
Billions of already-donated dollars in the National Christian Foundation alone are ready to be granted when recipients are ready to receive. And there's more where that came from.
Stewardship -> Building
CC helps you build visions large and small. The way to either is faithfulness with what you have, to be ready to steward what you have not had yet.
CC helps you operate the five FAVOR characteristics. When you exude them, funders will ask you to ask them for money. The priority is preparation.
Practical preparation for funding: Faithfulness, Accountability, Vision, Organization, and ROI.
We're here to position you for funding
through faithful adoption of FAVOR.
Prepare for

New Partners and Board
CC helps you find, test, and develop potential key people who are similarly called to accomplish what God has written into your life.

Your Covenant Group
The inner circle of people committed to supporting the mission, vision, and values is necessary to carry you through to fulfillment. CC will help you form it.

Vision Assessment
CC will help you identify what God is really calling you to do and what gaps you have in your covenant group.

Network assistance and Kingdom temp agency for aligning gifts and visions through relationships.
We help find the covenant team and board God has prepared you to serve.
key partners.

Ministry Review
CC represents you and your giving values when we visit, review, and vet ministries on your behalf. We're experienced discerners and travelers.

Giving Plans
CC helps you identify your calling as a giver, understanding how God wants to build His Kingdom through your financial and spiritual gifts.

You know you want to give, and the recipient is ready to receive, but how much how fast? CC helps givers navigate timing for maximum fruitfulness.

Giving plans, funder representation,
and vetting of ministries and requests.
We're here to help you see God's gift to the
world through your giving, gifts, and talents.
your giving.
God's Light
CC helps you see yourself and your journey in God's light, where clarity, focus, passion, and peace are the symptoms of His work released through you.
Your Vehicle
God calls every follower and organization to places where feet alone cannot carry you. CC helps you see and connect with the unique vehicle God is giving to get you there.
Propelling Tools
What is God using to propel you forward into the works He designed you to do? CC helps you ID and use what God has uniquely given to you.
Discover your individual and organizational
NextCycle to implement this season.
We're here to help you discover and
develop your spiritual gifts and vision.
Release your
Your Disciples
Those given into your hand are not called to merely attend on Sunday mornings and give money. They are called to bear fruit through ministry. CC helps you bear fruit that bears fruit.
The Harvest is Ripe
...But the laborers are few. CC helps you recruit, train, mobilize, and send new ones - equipping the equippers for a new army of harvesters.
In-House Development
CC helps you develop those under your care in your "house," honoring the structures, team, and values that God has already built.
Incubation process for in-house, "where-you-are" ministry development.
We're here to help deliver what God
is growing through you.
Grow your
Covenant Consulting
CC works alongside you through consulting, presenting, speaking, planning, and - most importantly - praying.
World Changer
Will be used by God to transform lives. Designed by God to complete works that God has set up since the beginning of time.
Transformative Content
CC creates and pulls together the most life-changing, vision-building resources we've discovered to date, and we're always growing our library of content for you.
A network of Kingdom-minded people and
organizations serving one another's visions.
We're changing the world of tomorrow
by building the body of Christ today.
Building the

Cancellations Require Clarity!

Because of mandatory and voluntary shutdowns worldwide, Younique has temporarily made some of their online courses available for free.

You and anyone you know can gain some major insights from these integrated tools guided by video. When you create an account and “purchase” the Journey 1 class bundle, you own access to it forever. This content does not replace the full Journey 1 cohort coaching experience, but you will receive much clarity in the meantime while you’re preparing for the world to enter into a new normal. Know how to invest in your immediate future with a framework for clarity.

Register your Younique Self-Guided Course Bundle (free until March 27).

April Free Clarity Breakthrough

Register free for Tuesday clarity calls in April! Calls will be at 7pm CST, and the topics will be whatever is needed by whoever shows up. You are welcome to come to one or all.

Completing this form is necessary to receive the link for the online call / video conference. Thank you for investing time to discern your design.
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